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Which taxi service is better in Dubai, Uber or Careem?

Articles July 22, 2018

Uber is a worldwide company and their services are pretty good everywhere. however, Careem company were originally founded in Dubai and they have a good relations with the UAE government. their future seems brighter in the middle east region in general.

Careem company has a deal with the national taxi of Dubai (RTA) to integrate Dubai’s national taxi service inside their application in addition to their limousine vehicles. the prices comparing to Uber are slightly lower but you need to make sure that you always have a cash money when you book a taxi because some Careem’s taxis accept cash payments only.

If you would like to work as a taxi driver in Dubai you need to obtain the special taxi license and then join the RTA fleet, the work will be 12hrs shift everyday. Taxi drivers are making between $800 to $1300 monthly in Dubai but it’s never an easy job especially with the traffic in the peak hours and the fines you may get from the traffic police every month.


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